Why SD-WAN market booming in Australia

As the world is becoming increasingly more interconnected and intertwined, new challenges are springing for computer networking providers. Instant information has become an important standard according to which we measure performance. That is why, companies are struggling to deal with challenges which appear due to the increased cloud, big data, mobile, and analytics traffic. For that reason, SD-WAN in Australia and globally has been maintaining an upward spiral.

Namely, the market for SD-WAN worldwide has been growing almost exponentially. In 2015, for example, the whole market was worth around $225 million. At the end of 2017, however, this number was close to $1.2 billion. During the next 4 years, the trend is going to keep its pace, as it is on the path of hitting $8 billion in 2021. The situation with SD-WAN in Australia is similarly optimistic, as companies are having more and more options to choose from.

SD-WAN in Australia Is Booming

Both big and small companies in Australia have been beginning to understand the importance of SD-WAN in the recent years. It comes as no wonder, as these companies are trying to connect their branch offices and remote employees in a better and more efficient way. This, in turn, cuts costs and increases productivity. Only during the previous year, three major Internet Service Providers in Australia have decided to step into the SD-WAN market.

  • Optus Business

Optus Business launched their first SD-WAN service early in September in order to meet the unprecedented demands in the IT world. The telco deploys their Optus Fusion SD-WAN through a Riverbed SteelConnect platform. However, it is also offered as an OTT (over-the-top) managed service, regardless of connection or provider.

  • Macquarie Telecom

At the time of kickstarting their new SD-WAN service, Macquarie Telecom boasted that it is the only one on the Australian market to be able to handle multiple carriers. This telco partnered with VeloCloud to provide the prime service, after taking into consideration 28 other providers.


NTT ICT has for a long time provided infrastructure, network, cloud, security and managed solutions in all of Australia. As of recently, they have updated their portfolio by incorporating SD-WAN services as well. That way, they have become another major component in the growing line-up of providers of SD-WAN in Australia.

Spooster’s Contribution to SD-WAN in Australia

Spooster has established itself as a leader in WAN technologies ever since its launch in 2013. We have continually been on the mission of improving our services and staying relevant as the industry keeps changing. For that reason, we keep expanding our collaboration with some of the most renowned vendors in Australia, such as Riverbed, VeloCloud, Viptela, Meraki, and Upwork, while most of our deployments are executed through Cisco iWAN technology. This way, we provide the best technology, quality, and security to our customers at all times to ensure business efficiency.

Our SD-WAN Services

As far as SD-WAN in Australia is concerned, Spooster offers its prime services across the country. Our cloud-based SD-WAN solution helps businesses stay up-to-date with modern demands and cut costs and management efforts significantly. Our Cloud-based SD-WAN provides the same functionality as a physical setup would, but with significantly lower deployment efforts required. The vendors provide network virtual firewalls, as well as sd-wan devices and routers that can run in the cloud as virtual machines.

Another area of SD-WAN deployment that Spooster has been pioneering is our Managed SD-WAN services. Where SD-WAN significantly cuts the effort required to deploy and maintain a network service, managed one completely removes it. With Managed SD-WAN you are also entitled to the infrastructure, brainpower, and ISP’s services, as part of a package. Moreover, since the service is provider-agnostic, you do not have to worry about multiple bills and negotiations with multiple providers. Further benefits of Spooster’s Managed SD-WAN in Australia are:

  • Reliable Performance
  • 24/7 Availability of technical support
  • Efficient Load Balancing
  • Almost instantaneous branch deployments
  • No maintenance efforts

At Spooster, we plan to keep improving our services and our offerings to stay in line with the developments on the market. We intend to continue adding value to the market and pioneering the SD-WAN breakthroughs. By doing that, we will ensure that our clients bring their operations to the next level with maximum security and efficient infrastructure.