Managed WAN Services – Australia

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SD-WAN Monitoring

Our could based WAN monitoring system provides millisecond level error detection and correction. It recovers from WAN degradation seamlessly.


SD-WAN Deployment

We partner with the industry-leading SD-WAN vendors to provide you the best sd wan solution that meets your business objectives. With us, you get a between pay as you go and annual contract.



SD-WAN provides bandwidth expansion as well as best path access to cloud applications – while dramatically improving operational automation and business continuity.


High Speed Apps

Today, applications may be sitting in the private data center, or in the cloud. SD-WAN intelligently performs the best path selection for business-critical applications to provide users an excellent experience. SD-WAN minimises security threats and operational risk by taking closer control of your network.


Software Defined NMS

Spooster’s SD WAN Monitoring Service includes a comprehensive solution that consists of a system that constantly monitors your SD-WAN networks and identifies the presence of any problematic or failing components. Once such a scenario is identified, the system will notify the assigned Network Administrator of any risks and potential outages – allowing the network teams to stay ahead of the problem.

Simplify Management

Simplify WAN management by using intuitive drag and drop WAN network functions. Eliminate the need for technical skills. This reduces the complexity associated with managing and deploying the WAN, and enables greater control over the entire network from a central location.

Simplify Costs

Our SD-WAN total solution is a complete package that incorporates all aspects of SD-WAN management. WAN design, deployment, monitoring, and optimization all under a single pane of glass. It is provider and circuit agnostic. This means that you enjoy the benefits of SD-WAN without having to worry about individual provider circuits. Not multiple bills from multiple providers. Reduced costs.


Performance Reliability

24x7x365 Availability

Efficient bandwidth usage

Simplified management and costs

Branch deployment in minutes

WAN Infrastructure Security

Our next-gen SD-WAN security solution is built using products from top security vendors such as Cisco, Checkpoint, and PaloAlto based intrusion prevention systems, and advanced malware protection systems. We provide you with a comprehensive and securely managed solution that replaces your expensive email, web, network, server, and endpoint security systems currently in place. This represents our core goal of providing clients with the highest levels of cost-effective security that sits in the cloud and protects the LAN and the WAN.

Security Audit

Our comprehensive network security audit will help give companies and organizations great insights into the stability and security of their network. Our service will help track trends, identify any substantial threats, and provide clarity on any security incidents that may have occurred or may occur in the future. All you need to do is get in touch with us – give us a call or drop us an email – and we can have one of our experts sitting with you in no time.

WAN Network Optimization

With our SD-WAN Network Optimization service, you can be assured that all provider links in your system are being utilized in the most optimal way possible, as well as in a manner that best meets the requirements of your organization. Our team of experts will work with you, and design an optimization plan, and implement it in a manner that meets both your business’ requirements as well as your deadlines. Connect with us and we can get started immediately.

WAN Design and Implementation

Partnered with Cisco, Velocloud, Viptela, and Meraki, we are equipped with the infrastructure to meet the SD-WAN demands of both large and small enterprises, while keeping costs in check. For companies that are highly dependent on their voice and data technologies, our WAN design and implementation service will take your business to greater heights via the development of LAN or WAN infrastructure. This will help maximize the overall dexterity and bandwidth of your network, in a manner that is customized to your needs.

Cloud Hosting Services

No matter what your cloud hosting needs may be, our team comprises of experts in the field who have a breadth of experience and knowledge in a wide range of solutions, ranging from AWS, Azure, virtual to bare metal servers, and private clouds. Irrespective of what your preference and needs are, we can work with you and make sure you implement a system that works for you. Give us a call or drop us an email and we can get the process started.