Benefits of Cloud based firewall in SD-WAN deployments

Why use a cloud based firewall with SD-WAN?

Be it VeloCloud, Viptela, Riverbed, Spooster, or any other reputed SD-WAN solution in Australia, it’s integration with cloud-based firewall brings in several advantages.

In today’s modern business and technological climate, it is imperative that organizations increasingly move their various applications to the cloud given that this is needed for a successful digital transformation. However, this transition comes with its own set of challenges – one of those challenges comes in the form of internet backhaul.

What is “internet backhaul”?
The term “internet backhaul” means that the traffic destined for the Internet from a branch site is first sent back to a predefined site (hub/data centre), which has access to the Internet via a WAN link. This is usually done to achieve security consistency across all branch locations while being able to have a single security solution to manage security for all branch locations. This security solution can be anything from a basic firewall, to advanced threat prevention systems such as IPS, web security, email security solution in place, to name a few. This is needed when direct Internet access at a branch office is not allowed by the organization due to security concerns.

Internet backhaul, however, introduces too much latency. This is because an organization’s branch sites are usually in distant geographical locations far away from the hub. Example, if your head office is in Sydney, and you have several branch offices in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, etc. And you have a security solution (firewall) in the Sydney location (hub site). All internet bound traffic from branch sites would have to route via the Sydney location. This means that users accessing cloud applications would have to compromise on performance and end-user experience. In order to curtail this, businesses and organizations require simple yet powerful ways to design, deploy, and manage WAN networks while ensuring fast and secure access to critical cloud apps and data.


How does Spooster’s SD-WAN with cloud-based firewall help?
Spooster’s SD-WAN with cloud-based firewalls such as Zscaler delivers those capabilities. This system is a cloud-based firewalling solution that eliminates management complexity and compromises that often stand in the way of security and business goals for performance and agility.

Think of the cloud firewall as your firewall in the hub – only that there is a “hub” in each geographical location that is much closer to the branch. Therefore, when you need your branch traffic firewalled, it would not have to travel long distances. The beauty of this is that the Zscaler cloud firewall is virtual in the sense that there is a single pane of glass where you can define policies for all your branch locations. These policies then get pushed to their forwarding plane devices.

Spooster’s SD-WAN solutions come with cloud firewall integration, which makes it super easy to migrate from a hub-and-spoke data center focus security infrastructure to a cloud-based Software Defined architecture that has ‘secure’ local internet breakouts. By establishing a secure IPSec tunnel between the cloud firewall and branch locations, enterprises have the flexibility to route internet bound traffic to the closest cloud firewall for filtering and traffic inspection.

Our WAN optimisation and Cloud Security integration solution enables enterprises to send traffic securely to provide better user experience, business agility, and lower costs. It provides SD-WAN features such as Application based traffic routing, Application Visibility, WAN Acceleration, and security functions such as Network Firewall, Intrusion Prevention (IPS), Email and Web Security that enterprises need. In short, we build a secure end-to-end network.

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