Security Audit


Most increasing compliance complication aboout compliance awareness, network security auditing is high on the list of data security software tools. A network security audit is a potent tool with which the ongoing level of performance of an organization's network security can be monitored Various kinds of network security audit features exist in all modern computing platforms, such as security event logs and journals of database activity. That's why it's important to stay ahead of the game and perform regular security audits.

Cross Platform Audit

Spooster Cross Platform Audit (CPA) : is a network security audit specifically designed to bring together a wide scope of network security and data security information from many different workstations, in one place. It allows very a direct view into each host computer's audit logs, but more significantly, provides a mechanism to extract that information to a single, uniform database. This extraction can include all or selected parts of the audit information collected on the host computer.

The Cross Platform Audit achieves the collection and integration of multi-platform audit data by a first line of platform-specific agents which reside on the mainframe, AS/400, iSeries, Windows, AIX and Linux computers on the network. Once collected, the data is automatically transferred, over a secure connection to the Cross Platform Audit database where it can be reviewed and analyzed.

Network Audit Features

The uniform audit capability extending across the whole network makes the most of the CPA's graphical analysis capabilities. Graphs and reports can indicate, authorization failures, for example, for all computers in one view. The Spooster Cross Platform Audit Analyzer provides this network security auditing functionality through a flexible multiple graph capability on a single screen. Up to four graphs showing different viewpoints can be compared side by side on the screen.
An important component to help make the network auditing task a little easier is the existence of ready-defined reports. The Cross-Platform Audit has numerous pre-defined reports and even alerts which can be adapted as necessary and made use of at any time, to give the most powerful network security audit tool for multiple platforms.