SD-WAN Implementation

Software Defined Wide Area Networking is one of the latest avenues businesses are turning to in terms of using their network bandwidth more efficiently. SD-WAN utilizes software-defined networking (SDN) to route your network traffic via the best possible path, thereby giving you access to a network that is four nines reliable. But with improved performance comes increased complexity. Organisations may not have the right technical staff to manage the latest WAN optimisation solutions.

This is where Spooster comes in picture. From the moment you pick up the phone and get in touch with us, we provide you with comprehensive consultation based on your business’ requirements. Once we have identified your specific needs, our team of experts will recommend and implement an SD-WAN solution that will span across your business and put you in the best place to help you stay ahead of the pack, while achieving your goals. We cover the solution end to end, so you have one less thing to worry about.

Managed SD-WAN solutions

Benefits of SD-WAN:

  • Enhanced adaptability and agility
  • Greater reliability
  • Improved security
  • Better network performance


Managed SD-WAN Services

WAN optimization Solutions

In addition to our SD-WAN deployment services, to successfully meet our clients’ requirements, we offer a wide array of managed solutions that have benefited our customer base for several years. We offer an entirety of our managed WAN services, as well as the option of selecting one of our core services. Our services help businesses make sure their networks are running at their optimal capacity, with limited security risks, and with the latest technology available.

Managed Services:
  • SD-WAN Network Monitoring Services
  • Wide Area Network Optimization
  • Network, WAN, and Cloud Security
  • SD-WAN and AWS/Azure Cloud integration
  • Cisco iWAN Solutions


Deployment of WAN network

IT Infrastructure Security


Defending against dynamically changing threats, support for new technologies, and ensuring IT compliance. Our enterprise-based infrastructure security approach guarantees tangible reduction inTCO and increases agility and competitiveness of your business.

Endpoint security

Transforming your expensive and large emailing oprations, web, network, server and endpoint security deployments into a fully managed, completly automated and fully integrated potent security solution designed for today's risk prone environment.

Whats important for endpoint security is proper configuration and updations. Our Our endpoint security solutions include data security, network security, advanced threat prevention, forensics and remote access VPN for complete endpoint protection and enforces security policies with comprehensive system configuration management for complete endpoint protection.

Endpoint and VM security
Network Firewall and Security

Network security

Network security is a primary security concern for any organization. Daily Internet threats to systems and data can impede Integrity of business innovation, can hamper the productivity and damage compliance efforts.

Protecting a network from unauthorized access is crucial when it comes to avoiding incalculable risks. Here at Spooster, we help our clients to secure sensitive business information that comes through your networks by reducing the complexity and simplifying the management of firewall services. 

Cloud-based firewall

As a part of the layered approach to security and to provide protection for our networks against all threats, we offer two network firewall options, Edge is our standard firewall and we offer a Premium Firewall option as well. With a such a strong firewall protection exploits are easily detected and prevented using a combination of antivirus, anti-spyware, and vulnerability protection.

Cloud security

As cloud computing is becoming increasingly popular private cloud infrastructure, including virtualization and software-defined networking (SDN), are rapidly transforming data centers worldwide. Cloud computing brings host of services such as quick deployment, unprecedented scalability, and cost savings.
Today's organizations are rapidly embracing public clouds, both migrating workloads to infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) clouds like AWS and Azure, and adopting software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications. If you're moving critical applications and data to the cloud, chances are that you are concerned about security.
The comprehensive, stronger Spooster Cloud Security portfolio extends across the cloud to provide unmatched protection for the gaps that can be introduced by the adoption of cloud applications.

Cloud Security with SD-WAN

Managed Firewall Services

Our Clients Network security is always top of our agenda. With our improved Managed Firewall Services we assume and guarantees full responsibility for safeguarding the interface between LAN, WAN and IP networks for our customers.
We scale our services specifically to suit individual requirements, providing full fall-back firewall configurations if required. Our specialist security consultants will work closely with your own team to ensure the service best fits your business need.

Network Security Optimisation

Cloud-Delivered Network Security

Spooster assures enterprise and cloud application security over Internet and hybrid WAN while simplifying deployments and reducing costs.


Among the many changes wrought by the advent of cloud computing services is the need for networking and security professionals to broaden the scope of their network optimization efforts.

Uninterrupted accessibility

Among the many changes wrought by the advent of cloud computing services is the need for networking and security professionals to broaden the scope of their network optimization efforts. The implementation of several performance strategies within a company’s network that provide enhanced usability, uninterrupted accessibility and an increase in overall system functionality. The successful operation of such strategies can be accomplished through both software and hardware optimization efforts on local or remote company computers, individual servers and even across single or multiple data centers.


The implementation of several performance strategies within a company’s network that provide enhanced usability, uninterrupted accessibility and an increase in overall system functionality.

Cloud Firewall WAN
Firewall in SD-WAN Cloud

Business Continuity

The successful operation of such strategies can be accomplished through both software and hardware optimization efforts on local or remote company computers, individual servers and even across single or multiple data centers.

Security Audit


Most increasing compliance complication aboout compliance awareness, network security auditing is high on the list of data security software tools. A network security audit is a potent tool with which the ongoing level of performance of an organization's network security can be monitored Various kinds of network security audit features exist in all modern computing platforms, such as security event logs and journals of database activity. That's why it's important to stay ahead of the game and perform regular security audits.

Cross Platform Audit

Spooster Cross Platform Audit (CPA) : is a network security audit specifically designed to bring together a wide scope of network security and data security information from many different workstations, in one place. It allows very a direct view into each host computer's audit logs, but more significantly, provides a mechanism to extract that information to a single, uniform database. This extraction can include all or selected parts of the audit information collected on the host computer.

The Cross Platform Audit achieves the collection and integration of multi-platform audit data by a first line of platform-specific agents which reside on the mainframe, AS/400, iSeries, Windows, AIX and Linux computers on the network. Once collected, the data is automatically transferred, over a secure connection to the Cross Platform Audit database where it can be reviewed and analyzed.

Network Audit Features

The uniform audit capability extending across the whole network makes the most of the CPA's graphical analysis capabilities. Graphs and reports can indicate, authorization failures, for example, for all computers in one view. The Spooster Cross Platform Audit Analyzer provides this network security auditing functionality through a flexible multiple graph capability on a single screen. Up to four graphs showing different viewpoints can be compared side by side on the screen.
An important component to help make the network auditing task a little easier is the existence of ready-defined reports. The Cross-Platform Audit has numerous pre-defined reports and even alerts which can be adapted as necessary and made use of at any time, to give the most powerful network security audit tool for multiple platforms.

Connect to your Cloud Hosting


Cloud hosting sites basically operate across various web servers that are interconnected, and as opposed to traditional hosting forms such as shared hosting, and dedicated hosting, data is rendered from various servers.

sd-wan cloud hosting
Benefits of Cloud Hosting

You pay for what you use: As your business needs fluctuate, you've nothing to worry as you can change your hosting packages based on your needs, and pay only for what you use.

Choice of OS: You can choose operating system of your choice – i.e. Linux or Windows.

Flexibility: Complete server configuration controls via an API or web-based interface.

Get the Best of Both Worlds: You can enjoy the benefits of dedicated hosting, but don't need to bear the heavy cost of dedicated hosting, if you don't have extensive requirements.

Secure connectivity to AWS

AWS offers a comprehensive set of infrastructure platform that provides customers with a wide array of cloud services. AWS claims 99.95% reliability and scalability with its highly configurable design and third-party integrations enabling customisation. But often organizations struggle to achieve a high speed, reliable, redundant, and secure connectivity from on-prem to AWS cloud. To have private links or VPN services, AWS charges additional dollars for this service.

With Spooster's fully managed virtual routers and firewalls in AWS cloud, you can now have a private VPN connection that is both redundant and secure. And this at a fraction of the cost of what you would otherwise pay to Amazon. 

secure and high speed redundancy connectivity

Azure based hosting

Get unmatched Cloud hosting experience with Microsoft Azure & Spooster's expertise. Move your apps, projects & data intensive workloads to Windows Cloud Servers with confidence.

Microsoft Azure is a flexible cloud platform that helps you grow with better efficiency and be more responsive to change. With Azure public cloud hosting , you can be up and running fast, scale up or down as needed, and get cheap plans and avoid high capital costs – paying only for what you use.

Microsoft is the leader in IT industry and is known for its commitment and efforts towards privacy and protection of customers' services and data and services. With Windows Azure backing Microsoft Public Cloud Hosting by Spooster, you get the trusted assurance from two great industry leaders!

Hybrid cloud hosting

Hybrid clouds from Spooster are custom infrastructure solutions that combine and orchestrate two or more platforms, including on-premise infrastructure, private clouds and/or third-party, public cloud services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure.

For over a decade, Spooster has built dedicated, cloud, and hypervisor-based infrastructure solutions for customers of every size. We understand there’s no one-size-fits-all solution.

Spooster hybrid clouds give organizations the freedom to choose the right mix of infrastructure without having to compromise or be constrained by an infrastructure monoculture.

WAN Design and Implementation


A Wide Area Network ( WAN) is a computer network covering multiple distance areas, which may spread across the entire world. WANs often connect multiple smaller networks, such as local area networks (LANs) or metro area networks (MANs). The world's most popular WAN is the Internet. Some segments of the Internet are also WANs in themselves. The key difference between WAN and LAN technologies is scalability. C WAN must be able to grow as needed to cover multiple cities, even countries and continents.

Our deep experience with these systems allows us to form a technology partnerships with the industry’s top equipment manufacturers, including HP, Enterasys, Cisco Systems, CheckPoint, Fortinet, and Barracuda Systems. These relationships allow Networking Technologies employees to access top-level training programs and work with a number of other LAN WAN design experts. That makes Spooster uniquely qualified to evaluate and address each of our customers’ unique network needs, allowing those businesses to meet or exceed their short and long-term objectives.

We select the appropriate technologies for the design, migrate network configurations and provide technical support for the entire project. With years of network experience, Network Technologies offers reliable recommendations for all related expenditures, helping our clients achieve maximum return on their investments.

Software WAN Security