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Managed WAN services

Software-defined WAN addresses a number of challenges associated with the static inflexible WAN architectures a lot of organizations in Queensland and Victoria currently have in place. In a software-defined WAN, the underlying transport network is abstracted and the routing intelligence is centralized in a software-based controller. The controller makes application of a routing decision based on predefined business policies and required performance requirements throughout the traffic over the most optimal link. This means that enterprises do not have to only depend on MPLS links for multi-site connectivity but can instead consider a hybrid WAN deployment consisting of a public which is internet links and private which could be MPLS or Ethernet links. Spooster’s SD-WAN experts specialise in this domain. 


The new approach:

While sd-wan vendors have been selling their products and solutions directly to enterprises, service providers in Australia have quickly caught onto the trend to offer managed sd-wan solutions. This is because the WAN management is a complex process, and it requires the network managers to have deep expertise to run and operate a global WAN.

Organizations across Australia now prefer to buy SD WAN from their existing MPLS VPN provider or a managed sd-wan provider. That because enterprises are looking for a unified management solution that takes care of their voice and data needs; As well as have the ability to aggregate and manage multiple access providers, so they can just outsource this instead of having the internal IT doing it.  Spooster’s software-based WAN platform is agile and cost-effective when you compare it with the traditional WAN network solutions. This is because our multi service-based approach to SDWAN is unique in the sense that it addresses market needs by combining a large set of networking and security functions with an instantly scalable multi-tenant platform that also includes big data analytics.

Why Spooster SD-WAN?

wan network and cloudYou wouldn’t have to worry about the hardware, software, subscriptions, and licenses related costs that are associated with SD-WAN solutions


wan network and cloudEliminate the risk of deploying a new technology


wan network and cloudLeverage our managed services SD-WAN solution that integrates with any internet or MPLS provider in Australia so that lock-in to a single vendor is eliminated


wan network and cloudWe design the access strategy based on location, users, and applications so that you have an optimal hybrid network that has the best combination of reliability, performance, and costs



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