Optus vs Telstra SD-WAN

Telstra and Optus SD-WAN comparison

Nowadays, it is becoming increasingly easier to incorporate SD-WAN into your IT infrastructure and deploy it as one of your business enablers. At the same time, with more and more well-known SD-WAN providers it is becoming more difficult to make up your mind and choose one solution.

Most ISPs offer similar things as far as performance and end-goals go. In the article below, we’ll talk more about Optus SD-WAN and Telstra SD-WAN and how Spooster can help you choose one or the other for your IT environment.

Characteristics of Optus SD-WAN

Optus SD WAN, just like Telstra, is a rather new solution on the market. It began offering its Optus Fusion SD-WAN in September 2017, claiming that it is the first managed solution that can be installed over the top, regardless of the business network in question.

Optus Fusion SD-WAN works on Riverbed’s Steel Connect Platform and is incorporated into the company’s extensive Software Defined Networking (SDN) offering. It can be used successfully to observe how applications utilize network traffic in real time. This way, it provides information that allows us to measure how efficiently traffic is allocated across the network.

This way, businesses will be able to improve data traffic between branches but also across Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure cloud services. Optus adds that their Fusion SD-WAN can be deployed regardless of which ISP or connection a business has chosen.

Since IT demands have been developing at a rapid rate, some companies have had to deploy solutions from several providers. Optus SD-WAN can help them to see how these technologies are working together and how they are shaped to provide better performance.

Let’s now learn more about Telstra SD-WAN and how it compares to Optus Fusion.

The workings of Telstra SD-WAN

When it comes to Telstra SD-WAN, it is noticeable that it has slightly more experience. Compared to Optus SD-WAN, it has been on the market for a longer time. Telstra SD-WAN became available to its potential customers back in May of 2016 and this solution is powered by Cisco’s Intelligent WAN technology.

Telstra SD-WAN helps businesses to route their traffic according to the app profile across multiple networks. This includes private MPLS, as well as the internet.

In March 2017, Telstra announced its partnership with US SD-WAN specialists VeloCloud and improved their offering. According to Telstra, it uses VeloCloud’s technologies to simplify and automate enterprise branch WAN functionality.

Since VeloCloud routes network traffic both across public and private access, it enables the customer to maintain control of a hybrid network from one central location. That also means the customer would not have to maintain numerous routers or have to replace the hardware they already have.

Before making any hasty decisions, let’s see what role Spooster can have in this process.

Spooster can help you decide:

Spooster has extensive experience of over 5 years in helping both small and big businesses to choose the correct path towards Software Defined Networking and improving their IT environment. Once you begin the process of switching to a Software Defined WAN solution, you will most probably have several doubts. With our experience and knowledge, we can help you answer them and choose the correct option.

These are the five important questions that you should ask when choosing between Optus SD-WAN and Telstra SD-WAN solutions, or any other ISP company.

  • You should consider whether the SD-WAN service in question guarantees predictable performance for both SaaS and in-house applications across any network path (broadband, LTE, or MPLS).
  • Will the SD-WAN Service provide optimized connectivity to any SaaS application or cloud service?
  • Consider what kind of high availability and resiliency alternatives are available.
  • Can you extend this SD-WAN solution to include integrated SD-WAN optimization anywhere?
  • Is this SD-WAN solution going to be compatible with the existing hardware that you possess (firewalls, routers, and secure web gateways)?

Enterprises that want to learn more about SD-WAN possibilities should take these five questions into consideration. However, they might prove to be too much for some businesses.

As part of our services, Spooster offers SD-WAN as a Managed Service. This means that our team will evaluate your current infrastructure, your needs, as well as your goals. By asking the five crucial questions above and providing answers to them, you can expect the best ISP’s package and equipment for the optimal SD-WAN solution for your networking situation.

Don’t hesitate to contact us and discuss your IT environment and your long-term IT goals with us!