SD-WAN for branch offices

We are seeing a move to digitization. Organisations are finding information and information flows are their most important asset. As a result, our needs of wide area networks are changing. We are now increasingly moving to cloud services and, therefore, the edge of our network is becoming more important to access the Internet, and offload that high bandwidth growth closer to the source. The traditional MPLS and Internet-based WAN are no longer able to support the growing WAN throughput and reliability needs.

My name is Tanveer Dewan and I’m an SD-WAN solutions designer at Spooster, Melbourne. I help organizations create a great end-user network experience by optimising their WAN.

Cisco recently launched ENCS (Enterprise Network Compute System) as a network virtualization system for enterprise networks. At Spooster, we’re very excited about our adoption of the latest iWAN 2.2.1 (SD-WAN) solution – ENCS is also a very important part of our SD-WAN solutions. It gives us the ability to provide virtualized functions for our customers at the edge of their network. This also enables us to provide firewall services, route optimisation services, and Wifi services to our customers, at the edge of their network.


Benefits of Spooster’s virtual network SD-WAN for branch offices:

Virtuanlization advantage of network at branch locations
Virtualize the branch office network

1) You don’t actually have to have further truck rolls every time you need to deploy additional functions to that branch

2) Faster deployment of network services.

You can completely virtualize all your network services in the branch such as cisco routers and firewalls.

3) Pay as you go commercial models:

Currently, when a customer wants to implement a new SD-WAN service, she/he would have to take use an appliance, which has to be installed and be paid for, of the perpetual license etc.  With ENCS based SD-WAN, we are able to move the networking world to the cloud world where you will be able to turn on applications, try them, and see the difference.

4) Seamless integration with your existing network


Case study:

An Australian finance company, who has offices in secure locations in Brisbane and Melbourne, saw a real benefit of being able to deploy new applications in order to keep their network running optimally without the need to send technicians through to that secure zone every time they need a new network Firewall.

We have also got things like mining companies that operate in a lot of inhospitable locations across Australia. They don’t have access to IT staff there, and it’s very difficult to get new equipment through customs and out to their sites. The benefit of being able to bring up new network applications remotely as and when they need.

Our managed SD-WAN service gives you:

1) The ability to turn on application visibility and control traffic based on that

2) Performance-based routing for dynamic best path selection

3) WAN acceleration for business-critical applications

4) All of the above as a fully managed turnkey solution to you

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