Managing your Telstra SD-WAN

The choices that small as well as large businesses in Australia have when it comes to networking solutions are definitely not lacking. The number of ISPs that provide SD-WAN services is large and growing. Therefore, any business can choose a solution that best suits their needs. As of recently, another networking option on the market is available in the form of Telstra SD-WAN. At the very end of 2017, Telstra has announced a major platform upgrade. This means that SD-WAN is now available on the Telstra Programmable Network.

However, even though one of the primary ideas behind SD-WAN is to simplify the IT management of a business, that doesn’t necessarily always happen. At Spooster, we offer SD-WAN as a managed service, which now includes Telstra’s SD-WAN as well.

Telstra SD-WAN Benefits

With so many fish in the sea when it comes to SD-WAN solutions, it’s hard to differentiate between different ISPs and make a choice. Therefore, let’s go over several reasons why businesses should consider Telstra’s WAN services.

  • Telstra is one of the biggest Internet Service Providers in the world. The company operates in more than 240 countries and territories to provide top-notch networking solutions. Moreover, more than 200 of the top 500 companies in the world use Telstra’s networking services.
  • Simplicity is another reason why Telstra is the choice of many companies that need a good SDN solution. With Telstra, you get one supplier that caters to most of your networking needs. This way, you reduce complexity, optimize performance and easily deploy new technologies.
  • Telstra’s SD-WAN is an end-to-end service. Through Telstra Programmable Network, you get next-generation agility, flexible services, as well as automated provisioning.

Therefore, choosing Telstra as your preferred ISP for your SD-WAN solution is a big step towards making your WAN faster, more efficient, as well as more reliable.

However, the plight does not end there. Managing an SD-WAN independently can prove to be more than IT departments in many companies can swallow. That is why at Spooster we are offering Telstra SD-WAN as a managed service, that more and more small, as well as big, businesses are turning to. Let’s look into the reasons as to why that is so.

Why Choose Our Managed SD-WAN Services

SD-WAN is undoubtedly becoming a networking solution that more and more companies are turning to. Many of them will opt to have their own IT departments incorporate and deploy the new technologies. For many other, though, this will not be practical and affordable.

The main challenges that these DIY solutions may lead to are associated with lack of interoperability standards and the overhead linked to Internet tunneling that can have a negative effect on network performance.

SD-WAN may sound like a plug and play solution, but once you dig deeper, you see that there are various setup and compatibility issues involved. At Spooster, we aim to overcome all of them and provide the end user with a complete service that requires minimal to no maintenance effort.


Some of the main benefits of our managed Telstra SD-WAN services, opposed to the DIY solution are:

  1. Implementation, as well as management, are done by our expert team. This eliminates common risks that are present when a new technology is introduced into an existing system.
  2. Our centralized management and load balancing within a completely orchestrated network providea stress-free linking of WAN security services over different locations.
  3. We provide a more diverse choice of vendors and technology solutions to incorporate Telstra SD-WAN that you can choose from, depending on your needs.
  4. Our transport-agnostic approach means that companies can keep their own bandwidth, while the SD-WAN solution will cooperate with vendors’ circuits and WANs.
  5. By incorporating our Telstra SD-WAN MSP you bypass different issues. Some of these include troubleshooting, business-level issues, tracking service contracts and billing, and more.


Final Words

The bottom point is that managed SD-WAN services give companies even more freedom when it comes to WAN. SD-WAN reduces the load off of the IT department, while the Managed SD-WAN makes this load almost inexistent. This way, the IT staff of a company can focus on different, more pressing things.

At Spooster, we provide MSP SD-WAN that uses Telstra SDWAN and Cisco iWAN technology as the primary solutions. However, we offer Riverbed and Velocloud SD-WAN solutions as well, as well as other less known vendors. The choice you make really depends on your individual needs.

By reaching out to us as your preferred solution, you become entitled to all the advantages of SD-WAN, while it becomes our job to worry about multiple circuits, WAN networks, equipment management and other headache-inducing issues.

What you will love most about our managed WAN services is our technical expertise, customer service, and swift response to requests.