Why SD-WAN is the best path to a virtualized network

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Virtualized networks have emerged and are continuing to rise in popularity as the go-to approach to modern networking. This trend is expected to continue over the next 10 years via the combined utilization of 4 core technologies – segmented switching and routing, overlay networks, and virtual routers/switches, and software-defined networking. In this blog article, we […]

Benefits of Cloud based firewall in SD-WAN deployments

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Why use a cloud based firewall with SD-WAN? Be it VeloCloud, Viptela, Riverbed, Spooster, or any other reputed SD-WAN solution in Australia, it’s integration with cloud-based firewall brings in several advantages. In today’s modern business and technological climate, it is imperative that organizations increasingly move their various applications to the cloud given that this is […]

Your WAN Network upgrade move

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Managed WAN services Software-defined WAN addresses a number of challenges associated with the static inflexible WAN architectures a lot of organizations in Queensland and Victoria currently have in place. In a software-defined WAN, the underlying transport network is abstracted and the routing intelligence is centralized in a software-based controller. The controller makes application of a […]

Cloud based SD-WAN technology

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SD-WAN cloud delivery I want to share with you some of the dramatic transformation that’s happening in enterprise infrastructure in Australia, and the role Spooster’s cloud-based SD-WAN is playing in driving this transformation. Enterprises are going through a fundamental revolution in their infrastructure. The application world is fundamentally transformed by cloud technologies. Today, your applications […]

SD-WAN for branch offices

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We are seeing a move to digitization. Organisations are finding information and information flows are their most important asset. As a result, our needs of wide area networks are changing. We are now increasingly moving to cloud services and, therefore, the edge of our network is becoming more important to access the Internet, and offload […]

Concerns about SD-WAN security

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Here at Spooster, we are ardent believers in the rise of SD-WAN as a legitimate option for both growing and established businesses/enterprises. As service providers who are dedicated to making sure our customers get the best, we believe this technology is exactly what businesses need to bridge the gap between reliable service and cost-effective rates. […]

SD-WAN load balancing – Does it really work?

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SD-WAN per-packet load balancing feature As a technology, SD-WAN is still evolving. And along with it as WAN optimisation engineers, so are we. It’s still going be a few years before this WAN optimisation technology takes a mature shape. I have had the opportunity to work with multiple SD-WAN deployments using solutions from vendors such […]

4 advantages of implementing SD-WAN at your business

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As time progresses, the amount of data being transferred between businesses and their locations is continuously increasing. The more data that is transferred, the greater the dependency and reliance businesses have on their wide area network (WAN) – this results in the need to regularly optimize the performance of WANs and the various systems/applications that […]