Best SD-WAN in Australia

When it comes to the IT sector and the development of this area of business, there is one unanimous conclusion. In order to achieve and maintain progress and stay competitive, new networking strategies and new network infrastructures need to be adopted. That is why we have set out to present you with a list of best SD-WAN providers in Australia that you should consider as a driving force for your expanding business.

As a matter of fact, in a recent survey completed by Riverbed, one staggering conclusion has been drawn. More than 97% of businesses surveyed agreed that their traditional network solutions will have problems keeping up with the ever-growing demands of cloud and hybrid networks.

Keep on reading, as we’ll begin discussing some big names such as Macquarie, NTT, Optus, Telstra, AT&T and more. We’ll also explain how Spooster can make this transition easier and lower the financial and logistic impact on your existing infrastructure.

Macquarie Telecom SD-WAN

As of September 2017, Macquarie has managed to get on the list of the best SD-WAN providers in Australia. The decision came as a way to support its existing MPLS network. It is now able to better deliver services such as data, voice, security, and cloud to its enterprise customers.

Macquarie especially boasts its ability to provide rural areas with extra bandwidth and network support. This is something that sets them apart from the competition as rural-based companies especially struggle with network security.

Macquarie SD-WAN can be obtained through VeloCloud infrastructure. On top of that, it offers many connectivity options such as Ethernet, broadband, DSL, LTE, 4G, and MPLS.


According to a recent IDC’s (International Data Corporation) assessment of 10 best SD-WAN providers, NTT has been placed as a leader. These 10 providers were evaluated by their ability to offer a¬†wide portfolio of services including data and voice networking, as well as collaboration and cloud services.

Another reason that makes NTT one of the most popular SD-WAN providers in Australia is its comprehension of what the customers need. Over the years, NTT has created a modern platform with some unique features. It is one of the few providers that provide a reliable cloud service program, but also a simple integration and transformation roadmap.

NTT Com deploys its SD-WAN in Australia through a Silver Peak EdgeConnect infrastructure, which ensures quality and reliability.

Optus SD-WAN

We have already written in detail about why Optus deserves to be on the list of the biggest SD-WAN providers in Australia. However, there’s no harm in reaffirming it and Optus’s performance deserves it.

The important thing to mention is that Optus Fusion SD-WAN uses Riverbed’s SteelConnect platform. It can be deployed as an OTT service and it is fully agnostic, so your current provider and connection do not matter.

On top of that, it provides a real-time insight into data flow among multiple offices, as well as Azure cloud environment and Amazon Web Service.

Telstra SD-WAN

Telstra is another superb provider that we have also reviewed in the article linked above. According to many positive testimonials from businesses who gave them their trust, it is the best SD-WAN provider in Australia.

This Australian SD-WAN provider offers its service as a part of its broader Telstra Programmable Network. In terms of infrastructure, Telstra mixes and matches as it is using VeloCloud’s software on Juniper’s uCPE devices.

Definitely, consider it as a go-to solution for your networking environment as so many successful businesses have not done wrong by doing the same.


AT&T SD-WAN is well-known for being efficient in routing data traffic between multiple office branches while choosing the best type of access for optimal performance. AT&T provides two main options that both small and large businesses can choose from when it comes to SD-WAN. The first one is a network-based service which provides seamless connectivity and easy transition for new customers. The second one is an OTT premise-based service for businesses who need SD-WAN across multiple sites.

On top of that, AT&T has just recently gone global with its SD-WAN offering. Previously it was only available in the US, but now customers can get their service in more than 150 countries. Therefore, it is one of the best SD-WAN providers in Australia, but in the rest of the world as well.

Verizon SD-WAN

Verizon is a provider with more than two years of experience in providing best SD-WAN solutions in Australia. It uses Cisco’s Intelligent WAN technology to help businesses stay on track with the growing networking demands.

Through this Cisco’s-enabled SD-WAN solution, Verizon is providing several things to its customers. New users can get better online experience through integrated optimization of apps. The infrastructure and software also get a lot better security overall through certified routing platforms (ASRs and ISRs). And finally, IT teams get more agility with a hybrid WAN solution that is also enabled.

Spooster: Best SD-WAN Providers in Australia in One Place

Getting on the SD-WAN bandwaggon and being a part of the new IT rush is no doubt extremely important if you aim to expand your business. Choosing one of the best SD-WAN ISP’s in Australia is even more important as it will give you security and reliability at all times.

However, doing it all on your own, whether you are a big, established business, or an expanding one, can be overwhelming. That is why at Spooster we offer you SD-WAN as a managed service. What this means for your business is that your IT team will not be buried in loads of tasks around sorting out the infrastructure and logistics. This is all that switching to Software-defined network entails at the beginning.

Instead, we offer you full SD-WAN managed service in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. This means that our expert team sorts out the infrastructure and the logistics, as well as manages payments and formalities with the best SD-WAN providers in Australia for your situation. This way, you will get the best routing for your most important apps at all times, with minimal effort, fuss, and time lost on managing multiple bills every month.