How Aryaka solves Office 365 performance issues in Australia


Microsoft has delivered Office 365 from their Australian datacenters only since the end of May 2015.

If you’ve purchased Office 365 since May 31, 2015 with an Australian billing address, you’ll be accessing your services from the Australian datacenters already. But if you purchased it before then, some of your services might be delivered from the Asia Pacific region. And that extra physical distance adds to the WAN network latency when your users sitting in Australia access O365 SAAS in your Asia Pacific region DC.

You could request Microsoft to move your Office 365 core data to an Australian datacenter, but there are challenges.

The challenges:

  • Customers needed to request to have their data moved within a set enrollment window. Option to move your O365 to an Australian datacenter was only available until October 31, 2016.
  • Data moves can take up to 24 months after the request period to complete.
  • The complexity, precision, and scale at which Microsoft needs to perform data moves within a globally operated and automated environment prohibits them from sharing when a data move is expected to complete for your tenant.

The solution:

Aryaka’s unique SD-WAN POP location in Sydney can help. Their POP-based approach means that the same technology and same network used for connecting enterprise locations to each other is used to deliver accelerated, predictable performance to cloud-based services. Cloud service traffic like Office 365 would flow from your enterprise to Aryaka’s POP in Sydney, and then over the Aryaka’s sub-5-millisecond network from their Sydney POP to your O365 SAAS in Asia Pacific.

The ability to leverage the Aryaka core network enables a much better performance when cloud access crossing an ocean, and more predictable performance for all O365 users in Australia.

This is in addition to the standard Aryaka SD-WAN benefits you would get.

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