Cloud hosting sites basically operate across various web servers that are interconnected, and as opposed to traditional hosting forms such as shared hosting, and dedicated hosting, data is rendered from various servers.
Benefits of Cloud Hosting

You pay for what you use: As your business needs fluctuate, you've nothing to worry as you can change your hosting packages based on your needs, and pay only for what you use.

Choice of OS: You can choose operating system of your choice – i.e. Linux or Windows.

Flexibility: Complete server configuration controls via an API or web-based interface.

Get the Best of Both Worlds: You can enjoy the benefits of dedicated hosting, but don't need to bear the heavy cost of dedicated hosting, if you don't have extensive requirements.

AWS based hosting

Amazon Web Services offers a comprehensive set of infrastructure platform from Amazon that provides customers with a wide array of cloud services at inexpensive price to reduce their hardware cost. AWS claim 99.95% reliability and scalability with it's highly configurable design and third party integrations enabling customisation.

Amazon charge their clients for Amazon AWS based on their resources usage of the various Amazon Web Services but no upfront fee or minimum cost.

Azure based hosting

Get unmatched Cloud hosting experience with Microsoft Azure & Spooster's expertise. Move your apps, projects & data intensive workloads to Windows Cloud Servers with confidence.

Microsoft Azure is a flexible cloud platform that helps you grow with better efficiency and be more responsive to change. With Azure public cloud hosting , you can be up and running fast, scale up or down as needed, and get cheap plans and avoid high capital costs – paying only for what you use.

Microsoft is the leader in IT industry and is known for its commitment and efforts towards privacy and protection of customers' services and data and services. With Windows Azure backing Microsoft Public Cloud Hosting by Spooster, you get the trusted assurance from two great industry leaders!

Hybrid cloud hosting

Hybrid clouds from Spooster are custom infrastructure solutions that combine and orchestrate two or more platforms, including on-premise infrastructure, private clouds and/or third-party, public cloud services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure.

For over a decade, Spooster has built dedicated, cloud, and hypervisor-based infrastructure solutions for customers of every size. We understand there’s no one-size-fits-all solution.

Spooster hybrid clouds give organizations the freedom to choose the right mix of infrastructure without having to compromise or be constrained by an infrastructure monoculture.